The Meaning of the Widow

The image on our patch is that of an ashen-faced woman, falling to her knees with her hand to her head. It is representative of a Master Mason’s widow when she is informed of her husband’s passing. One of the reasons that we ride is to provide relief to the widows and orphans of brothers who have fallen, and the patch is a constant reminder of this goal.

Our patch is not something that we wear just because we think it looks cool. The Widow has a deep meaning to every man who wears her. The Widow, simply put, represents the wife, mother, sister, and daughter of every Master Mason who has ever lived and ever died. We revere her, and we will not allow anybody to disrespect her. This is why, when every Brother is presented his patches, he is told never to let them go, never to let them hit the ground, and to always remember exactly what she stands for.

Just as a Shriner has his fez, a Scottish Rite member has his Pillbox Cap, a Knight of St Andrew has his Glengarry, and a Master Mason has his white leather apron, the vest, and the patch is the badge of a Widows Son.


Hiram’s Knights Uniform

The uniform for Hiram’s Knights consists of Black Pants, a White Shirt (short or long sleeve), and “Colors” of the vest (show in pic).

Hiram’s Knights Crest

Hiram’s Knights Patch

Hiram’s Knights Pin