Written Directions

Begin at Lakeview Community Church parking lot 475 E Lake Rd N, Tarpon Springs, FL 34688 (just North of McMullen-Booth & Tarpon Ave) McMullen-Booth becomes East Lake Road north of Tarpon Ave. at 10:30 A.M.   NOTE* Whitney wants us to be as inconspicuous as possible as it is a Sunday morning and worship services will be taking place.

  • We will travel north on East Lake Road to SR54.
  • Go East on SR 54 to US 41 in Land O’ Lakes.
  • Head north on US 41 to Ehren Cut-off (route 583) and take a right.
  • Now take route 583 up to SR 52 where you want to turn right.
  • Take SR 52 (east) and turn left on Bellamy Bros. Blvd.
  • Take Bellamy Brothers Blvd (north) to Hayman Rd where you want to turn right (go east).
  • Take Hayman Rd till you get to Spring Lake Hwy where you want to take a left (north).
  • Take Spring Lake Hwy north, cross the SR 50 intersection and the road will change names to Mondon Hill Rd and it will turn left (now heading west).
  • Shortly after the turn, look for Weatherly Rd where you want to turn right (now heading north).
  • Take Weatherly Rd. up to Croom Rd (AKA route 478) and take a left (head west).
  • Take Croom Rd. till it intersects with US 41 and turn right (head north).
  • Take US 41 north until it intersects with SR 476 (AKA Lake Lindsey Road) at which point you need to take a right (you’ll head east).
  • Take SR 476 until you get to CR 439 where you need to take a left (head north). CR 439 changes names to CR 39 which you want to stay on heading north until you get to CR 48 where you want to take a right (you’ll start heading southeast).
  • Very quickly you’ll see E. Trails End Road which you want to take a left on to E. Trails End Road
  • Take this until you get to S. Withlapopka where you want to take a left.
  • Now stay on Withlapopka till you go over the bridge and come to E. Gobbler Dr where you want to take a right.
  • Take E. Gobbler Dr. all the way till it intersects again with US 41 this time in Floral City and the route’s end point.


This is a very rural ride, that spends a lot of time crossing scenic pasture land and forested areas.

Road Quality

One of the best motorcycle roads in all of central or southern Florida. Rolling hills and sweeping curves. You would have to travel north for a better ride.

Roadside Amenities

Plenty of gas stops, stores, etc. along the way. Sleepy Hollow restaurant and fish camp is a very biker friendly destination. At the intersection of Spring lake Hwy. and SR 50 there is a convenience store that all bikers local to the area stop at for water and bathrooms. After turning on CR 439 in Istachata, be sure to check out the old Istachatta General StorePost Office.

Additional Info

– View the weather forecast for this area from NOAA.